Whole30 Superfood Soup (Paleo, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Low-FODMAP)

My first reaction to soup can sometimes be a little negative because I really like to chew my food. But the truth is soups are easy to make, feed a ton of people, are easy on digestion, can pack a big punch of nutrition and this recipe certainly does all of that!

This recipe fits many diet restrictions (Whole30, Paleo, dairy-free, gluten-free and is nut-free), and it can be made Low-FODMAP by removing the garlic. Garlic infused oil can be used to saute the veggies for a garlic flavor. To do this simply smash three cloves of garlic and saute in the hot coconut oil prior to adding the fennel and ginger. Remove the garlic once it becomes brown and fragrant, then add the fennel and ginger, proceed as normal. 

This recipe is so nourishing and is our go-to recipe for healing when my family falls prey to sickness.




Place broth, bay leaves and sweet potato purée in a medium pot and let it come to a boil.

Remove any foam that rises to the top of the boiling broth, this can contain toxins from the bones. If the bones are from grass-fed quality cattle then skipping this step is fine, however, it will be a good idea to skim if using bones from commercially raised live stock.

Turn the broth mixture down to a simmer.

Peel ginger and dice into small cubes. Peel waxing outer layer off of fennel and dice like you would an onion.

In separate pan over medium-high heat saute fennel, ginger and garlic in coconut oil, this should be only a few minutes so the garlic does not burn.

Remove bay leaves and add fennel, garlic, coconut milk, salt and pepper to the broth base and puree with an immersion blender until smooth. Garnish with chives and enjoy!

*Note- If you do not want to make your own broth you can purchase bone broth from the store (I like the Bare Bones and Epic brands). The jalapeno in the stock really makes the soup so use a whole jalapeno (with or without seeds depending on your spicy preference). All you have to do is finely chop a jalapeno and toss it in with the sweet potato puree and broth while it comes to a boil. The jalapeno will not be pulled out with the bay leaves, but left in to be pureed with the fennel and garlic. Garlic infused oil can always be used for the sauteing portion of the recipe.


1 - 15oz. can puréed sweet potato

20oz. jalapeño bison bone broth, beef stock works too (see notes!)

3 bay leaves

¼ cup fennel bulb

1" piece of ginger (thumb size)

4 cloves garlic (remove for Low-FODMAP! Read above!)

1 tsp salt

½ tsp pepper

¼ cup coconut milk

2 tablespoon coconut oil

Chives for ganrish


nut-free_dairyfree_paleo_glutenfree_superfood_soup (1 of 2).JPG


Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Serves: 6