My mission is to share the benefits of a whole food lifestyle. I am an open book and this is the story of what led me to Nutritional Therapy and away from the standard American diet.


Why I made the switch...

At the age of twenty, I finished my schooling for aesthetics and received my state certification. During that time I discovered I had skin cancer, melanoma to be specific, it wasn't in its advanced stages (thank goodness). I was a competitive swimmer for thirteen years and figured I would deal with skin cancer at some point, but I thought it would be much later. I scheduled my surgery the day after my honeymoon and I have been health conscious ever since. My husband and I are young and live an active lifestyle, so needless to say, we were surprised by how quick we used our vow, “In sickness, and in health.” After the surgery I had a few complications and became fearful of what was going on in my body at a cellular level. I wanted to have peace of mind, but wasn't sure how to get it. Modern medicine is great at helping with a developed disorder and disease, but it left me asking the question, “what do I do in the meantime to prevent disease?”

Not too long after my health hardship, my husband went to the doctor for blood work because he was feeling fatigued on a daily basis. It was shocking to learn that at the age of twenty-two he had low testosterone levels. Looking back now, it’s really not so shocking. Of course the doctor suggested hormone substitutes, such as testosterone injections, gels, and pills. I wasn't in favor of the modern medical approach (not that I don’t believe in the benefits of some modern medicine approaches). My husband was ready to do anything to change his situation; he just wanted to feel “normal” again and I couldn't blame him for that.

After two weeks of assessing the situation...and many husband and wife debates later, we found a compromise. We made an appointment with a Nutritional Therapist. She had my husband fill out a food journal for a few days and various other forms and questionnaires.  She then studied his paperwork. We changed our eating habits for two weeks with our NTP guiding us through the new “diet”. We then met with her for a functional evaluation. Yes, it was work compared to an injection of testosterone or popping a pill, but well worth the effort. Not to mention, less expensive.

We have changed our kitchen pantry and our mindset; we feel clean and energized. I have completed a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program myself and want to continue to share and gain as much knowledge as I can to better myself, my family, and others who have unresolved health issues. 



Header photo by: Ruby's Feast