I Live What I Do + I Love What I Do


I work with clients and families one-on-one to find the best individualized nutrition plan possible. A plan that fits within your lifestyle and budget; even one small change can make a big difference. I am a resource and lifeline for those who feel lost in the nutritional fads of our modern day; I work with clients who have tried over and over and still have not met their health goals. My training has given me the tools to help identify and correct nutritional deficiencies.

I use multiple evaluation techniques; food journals, nutritional questionnaires, non-medical nutritional supplements, reflex points, muscle testing, basic at home allergy testing, along with other techniques that can be implemented to find my client's path to health. The beauty of these techniques is that they are all-inclusive, there are no separate fees or additional costs. I have access to labs, and with more severe cases, lab test are always an option.

Most importantly, I have conviction. I have the passion to find a way to help everyone I encounter. If I do not have the right tools for a client, I will network, research, and do everything in my power to find a solution. 



Header Photo by: B.D.'s World