How Nutritional Therapy Works

Initial Consultation - Basic meeting to set a starting point, begin a conversation, complete and review paperwork.

Functional Evaluation - In-person meeting, paperwork, and a one to two hour functional evaluation. (see below for more details on Functional Evaluation)

Follow-Up - Looking at your progress and make more advanced steps forward. This stage is where a possible detoxification protocol could take place; however, the previous consultations are mandatory prior to starting a detox protocol.

 All other services are variable, depending on what is appropriate for the individual.

Each consultation includes 10 follow-up emails. These emails can be used to answer questions we did not cover during our consultation, if you feel stuck or confused, or any other kind of support you might need.


I always provide a 15 minute FREE phone consultation.

Other costs vary due to client needs and case severity. I have a few packages put together with some prices, but I usually work with each client to form a custom package. See below for standard fees. If you have any questions, feel free to CONTACT me. 

Initial Consultation - $75.00

Functional Evaluation - $100.00

Follow-Up Consultation - $45.00

Bundle of Three- $150.00 (Yes, that's $70.00 off!) 

What is Covered?

Consultation Topics - These can range from diet to exercise, pantry staples, preparing whole foods, cooking classes, grocery shopping assistance, feeding children/babies, fertility/pregnancy, sports nutrition, digestion issues, allergies, blood sugar handling, supplement needs, and more.

Functional Testing - Digestion, hydration, sugar handling, fatty acids, mineral balance, endocrine and immune systems, allergies, cardiovascular system, detoxification, and more.

More on Functional Testing

I use Chapman reflexes that work by stimulating specific reflex points that release biofeedback throughout the central nervous system. These reflexes are my focus for function testing; however, I do use other modalities as well. Functional testing has been confused as massage, while both use touch they are very different techniques. First, during therapy with functional testing you will be fully clothed. Second, while massage manipulates soft tissue using specific techniques to relax muscle, functional testing stimulates specific reflex points with sharp pressure to stimulate the nervous system. 

In conjunction with functional testing I use a process known as Lingual-Neuro Testing, this is a way of using biofeedback from the reflex points, which allows a practitioner to determine the correct nutritional supplement for every individual. This process is the difference between a generic nutritional recommendation and a personalized plan unique to the client.

Okay, what is biofeedback…

In the Lingual-Neuro process the body will send physical indicators in the form of heart rate, pain, discomfort, muscle fatigue, etc. The Lingual-Neuro process uses sensory function of the mouth and brain, which communicates with the central nervous system to tell the client, as well as the practitioner, what the body needs. Not only does this biofeedback give a clear picture on where to start with nutritional therapy, it provides a way of measuring progress. Retesting the Lingual-Neuro test points as therapy goes on can confirm progress and help one learn to listen to their own body.


Header photo by: Farmanac